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Not so long ago glass roofs have been treated as a real wonder or an unusual, fascinating, but very questionable construction experiment. Glass, which is considered extremely fragile, did not seem to be a reliable and safe roofing material, but the innovative use of new technologies and skills of the builders themselves have radically changed this opinion. Today, glass roofs are reputed to be just as voluminous, airy and impressive structures, but at the same time, they are respected for their high technical and operational characteristics.


The materials used today for the manufacture of glass roofs allow the construction of a variety of sizes and shapes. With the support of highly qualified specialists, a glass roof can cover almost any space and serve a number of purposes: from a small country house, greenhouse or pool to restaurants and shopping centers.

As for the relevance of such important glass structures for modern architecture, they will perfectly fit into any architectural ensemble, whether it is designed in the style of high-tech or timeless classical style. Since modern materials allow you to create glass roofs of any complexity, their appearance can be limited only by the imagination of the designer.


The metal profile, which is the basis for the glass roof, has a large bearing capacity and can easily hold the largest possible sheets of glass (double-glazed units).

The glass used for the fabrication of roofs has high durability and resistance to temperature changes. To increase the safety of the design to the maximum level only tempered or laminated (triplex) glass is used, which has outstanding technical characteristics.


The automatic retractable glass roof is an innovational structure, which is only gaining its popularity. It is made of aluminum profiles, which are infilled with glass panels of various modifications. The glass panels are movable and actuated by means of automation. The system is completely sealed and adapted to any weather conditions.

The roof is an extremely robust construction that can be used to release up to 4/5 of the opening at the touch of a button. The system remains waterproof in the closed position even in adverse conditions of rainy and windy weather.


Electric motors move the glass, freeing up to 4/5 of the opening in a smooth and silent motion and adding more aesthetics to the design. Each part of the glass roof can be moved independently from the other, which means it is possible to open only a part of the structure.

Retractable glass roof can be used as a roof for the winter garden, pool, terrace or attic room. The roof is sealed, which provides maximum safety of the microclimate in the room which can be used as a four-season room or a sunroom. Greenhouses can also benefit from such a retractable overhead structure as it is moveable panels allow controlling the temperature and air circulation.

Such a system can be an original solution for the restaurant. It can be used for a terrace, but if the restaurant is located on the top floor, it is possible to demolish part of the conventional, impenetrable roof and install a panoramic awning. Your restaurant is guaranteed to become a favorite place for romantic meetings in the open air or for business breakfasts with partners.

Offices are another area of application for these structures. For example, you can set it in the lounge area or a meeting room for a more productive communication.

In either case, the glass panels can easily be closed, protecting the premises from the cold, rain and noise penetration.

If we talk about the advantages, the glass roof:

o    withstands high wind and snow loads;

o    protects the building from precipitation: rain, snow, and hail;

o    provides excellent lighting with natural sunlight, which is economically advantageous in terms of saving energy and a beneficial effect on the well-being of the people under it.

To clarify the information about glass roofs and other glass structures, please contact our specialists. The professionalism of our staff, based on knowledge of the material part and practical experience, ensures the high-quality performance of all works including design, manufacture, and installation of glass structures.



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