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Retractable Glass Roof

Crystalia retractable glass roof is a one of a kind system that is adaptable to terraces, backyards, and rooftops of any layout. The innovative system is supplied with powerful motors for an automatic opening or a convenient device for manual operation.


The roof consists of aluminum framing powder-coated in various RAL colors that provide enhanced protection against environmental factors. The sashes are infilled with either insulated unit glass or monolithic tempered glass depending on the chosen configuration.

Application Possibilities




Swimming pools

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Key places

Drainage system

Inbuilt drainage system makes it possible to avoid installing additional pipes that would ruin the entire look


The use of top-quality aluminum and rubber components results in a silent and smooth movement of each glass panel


Settings allow choosing a configuration where the roof rows can open simultaneously or individually to create extra airflow


High-quality durable Somfy motors provide fast and reliable operation powering the roof sashes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty

Operating options

The Crystalia sliding roof systems have different operating options

Manual opening

To open the panels, insert the pole in the mechanism in the lower panel and turn it to set the panel in motion. Once it is operated, slide the panel with the pole upwards, to a half-open or an open position. To close the roof, perform the inverse operation. Easy, affordable, and functional. The manual operating roof system is recommended only for light panels

Motorized opening system

Double thermal insulation glazing is formed by two glass panels separated by an air spacer, inside of which there is a substance that absorbs the moisture of the air contained in the chamber. Unit glass reduces noise, prevents condensation, protects from both cold and heat, and provides significant savings in energy (heating or air conditioning). It is available in various thicknesses, configurations, and finishes.

Fixed glass roof

Fixed glass roof is a classic system that is extensively used in many commercial and residential projects. Fixed glass roof provides a sharp transition from the roof to the front panels to accommodate even extreme roof pitches. All-glass roofs provide exceptional natural light and dramatic views of the sky.

Standard colors

RAL 9016
RAL 9011
Light ivory
RAL 1015
RAL 8014
RAL 7022

Colors on request

A delivery time of 12 to 16 weeks applies to colors on request.

Wine Red
RAL 3005
Basalt Grey
RAL 7012
RAL 7016
RAL 7035
RAL 9006

Glass Options

Laminated safety glass

It consists of two glass panels joined by one or more polyvinyl butyral film. It is a versatile material that offers exceptional flexibility in terms of design, safety, control of radiation, and acoustic protection, depending on the chosen type. Laminated glass is available in various thicknesses and features, such as solar control, Low-E glass that will reduce the transmission of solar rays when the sun heats up the roof.

Laminated safety glass

Double thermal insulation glazing is formed by two glass panels separated by an air spacer, inside of which there is a substance that absorbs the moisture of the air contained in the chamber. Unit glass reduces noise, prevents condensation, protects from both cold and heat, and provides significant savings in energy (heating or air conditioning). It is available in various thicknesses, configurations, and finishes.

Laminated safety glass

Sheets of light, strong, insulating and attractive material. Resistant to weather and ultraviolet (UV) light, polycarbonate is a thermal insulator, an excellent fire resistant and has a high level of light transmission. Available in 5/8’’ thickness and different finishes.



  • A

    Maximum length of the roof

    21 feet

  • B

    Maximum width of the roof

    100 feet

  • C

    Maximum distance between the posts

    100 feet

  • D

    Maximum panel size

    50” x 42”

The professionals’ favorite choice 01

Highly innovative Crystalia products require the correct installation. Professionals in the sector know it, and for that reason, they choose our roofs, which guarantee a clean and optimized system and a smooth installation.

Resistance test 02

During the manufacturing process, Crystalia Automatic Glass Roof has been tested in laboratories to ensure resistance to wind load, air permeability, and weather tightness. Moreover, it is designed to support snow loads and operating forces in accordance with European regulations.

Private installation team 03

All our products are installed by professionals trained in our company and they are ready to solve any issue.

Five-year warranty 04

Your trust is our greatest satisfaction and that is why our Sliding Roofs in Sliding Series come with a 5-year guarantee.


In order to create a quotation for your project, we will ask for you to send some information to us via email. The information that we will need will include:

  • The aesthetic design of the glazing you want
  • Any performance targets or criteria required from the glazing
  • The size of the glass elements required
  • The location of the project, including the first line of the address
  • A return email address and telephone number

If you have planning or architectural drawings that show the glazing elements you would like us to quote for, please, send these to us via email. All the information that we need is normally found on these drawings, and it is the simplest way to understand the scope of the works.

If you do not have architectural or planning drawings to send to us, you can send sketches with dimensions or written accounts of what glazing is required. Please make sure that all the information detailed above is included to ensure that we understand the full scope of the project and provide you with a detailed and accurate quotation.

Simply email your drawings and project information to, and your project will be processed for a quotation.

If you would like to chat through the project before we create a quotation our team is available to speak on the phone Monday to Friday to discuss your project requirements. We can offer advice and guidance as to what glazing solutions might be best for you and answer any questions that you may have.

In order to create a quotation, we will still need to receive the information above in written format via email which the team member will then forward to the estimating team to be processed for a quotation.

In most cases, we are able to give broad costing advice over the phone but due to the complex and technical nature of the glazing from Crystalia Glass, our quotations do have to be calculated, prepared, and returned to you via email.

Crystalia Glass always recommend you involve an architect in your plans for any major building or extension works. As a glazing company we do not conduct general building works nor do we offer a planning permission service. An architect will help you design and organize all of these additional building elements that are essential for successful construction.

Generally, the visit is 30 minutes to one hour depending on the situation.

At Crystalia Glass, we are committed to helping you achieve your home improvement goals. We understand that adding a glass system to your home can be a big expense. That’s why we work with you to custom design a product that fits your needs and your budget. Each Crystalia Glass system is custom-designed, making the cost of each project vary.

Generally, we aim to complete the work in around four to six months from the date of the shop drawing approval and deposit funds availability.

Crystalia Glass Roof can accommodate laminated glass up to 9/16 inches or an IGU unit up to 13/16 inches. Crystalia recommends installing an IGU unit in colder areas to avoid condensation on the glass.

The maximum depth of Crystalia Retractable Roof is 20 feet. Width has no limitations.

The maximum opening of the Crystalia Roof is 80%, i.e., one row of panels closest to the wall will stay in place.

Crystalia Retractable Roof is covered by a five-year warranty, starting from the invoice date. This warranty covers the potential manufacturing defects or defects in materials used in the manufacture process.
Warranty does not apply for:
  • Damage or breakage of any part or component caused by wrong use of the product or incorrect maintenance.
  • Damage caused by movements of the building, natural catastrophe or indirect damages caused by other elements external to products (awnings, roofs, installations in general).
  • Glass breakage.
  • Discoloration or degradation of the seals, if there are seals.