Retractable Glass Roof

Crystalia retractable glass roof is a one of a kind system that is adaptable to terraces, backyards, and rooftops of any layout. The innovative system is supplied with powerful motors for an automatic opening or a convenient device for manual operation.


The roof consists of aluminum framing powder-coated in various RAL colors that provide enhanced protection against environmental factors. The sashes are infilled with either insulated unit glass or monolithic tempered glass depending on the chosen configuration.

Application Possibilities




Swimming pools

Installation Possibilities



– Wall-mounted glass roof
Supported by the wall of the existing structure and additional aluminum posts
– Free-standing glass roof
Fully supported by aluminum posts in spaces where no wall-mounting is possible
– Gable glass roof
Suitable for coverage of larger areas where more than one roof system is necessary
– Cascade glass roof
Suitable for coverage of large areas where more than one or two roof systems are necessary

Additional features

Rain sensor

A rain sensor automatically closes the glass roof in case of rain and snow, which makes the system more practical and suitable for various weather conditions.

Remote control

Regardless of the sunroom configuration, AC can be installed in the four-season room to bring a whole new level of comfort and convenience.

Sunlight protection

Special sun-protecting screens are available. They are ordered precisely to size which means they are custom made along with the entire sunroom system.

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Key places

Drainage system

Inbuilt drainage system makes it possible to avoid installing additional pipes that would ruin the entire look


The use of top-quality aluminum and rubber components results in a silent and smooth movement of each glass panel


Settings allow choosing a configuration where the roof rows can open simultaneously or individually to create extra airflow


High-quality durable Somfy motors provide fast and reliable operation powering the roof sashes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty

System configuration


Motorized retractable glass roof
by motors that are installed in each row or every two rows depending on the chosen configuration


Manual retractable glass roof
with a specialized pole for convenient manual operation; can be combined with an automatic roof


Stationary or fixed glass roof
for applications where the opening is unnecessary; has the same design as automatic and manual roofs

For our partners we provide:

Loyalty program

Any work must be paid for – and we completely comprehend this. That’s why we have a partner loyalty program that includes special commercial offers and terms.

Personal manager

A personal manager will provide direct and immediate contact with all parties involved in the process – estimators, technical specialists, fabricators, project managers, and installers.

Product samples

We will supply all the materials that you require for the project: catalogs, glass and hardware samples.

Unique projects

We are ready for complex projects and innovative design solutions. If you could not find the product you are looking for, contact us and we will develop it for you!

Retractable Glass Roof

Crystalia Glass brings European innovations to the American market. We provide full service from design to installation to make sure each project is unique and meets all building and personal design standards. We manufacture custom-made roofs that consist of a modular and adaptable aluminum structure. Our sliding roof allows for a maximum opening of 80% – an impressive number that is unique for a market of retractable glass roofs.

Additionally, the retractable roof is compatible with various sliding glass walls, offering the best enclosure structure possible that will satisfy the most demanding expectations.
Your home or business can always surprise you. It is wondrous to realize how much space you can reuse, protect and renovate meeting all safety standards, trends of the design and weather conditions to enjoy modern light-filled rooms all year round with the Crystalia system.