Sunroom Iowa

Crystalia Glass specializes in manufacturing and installing various sunroom systems in Iowa. Our company produces high-quality glass roofs of different configurations and sliding, folding, or stationary glass walls. Crystalia Glass sunrooms stand out due to the unique, innovative technologies of fabrication.

What is Sunroom?

A sunroom is a four-season room that can serve as an additional living space. However, it has many other uses all of which depend on the chosen configuration. Crystalia Glass offers a number of roof and glass systems that in combination create the best sunrooms on the market. 

Our retractable automatic glass roof provides more opening that any other glass roof. Powerful motors gear the sashes of the roof allowing you to open or close the entire system when necessary. Additionally, we have stationary glass roofs that have proven to be the most reliable systems due to their insulating properties. Customers have a choice of several glass wall systems – moveable and stationary. Our moveable systems include sliding glass walls of different configurations, folding glass walls with and without thermal insulation. Stationary systems are also available and provide no less comfort.

Crystalia Sunrooms Iowa offers all-inclusive services – from design and fabrication to assembly of the systems. 

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High-quality durable Somfy motors provide fast and reliable operation powering the roof sashes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty


Settings allow choosing a configuration where the roof rows can open simultaneously or individually to create extra airflow


The use of top-quality aluminum and rubber components results in a silent and smooth movement of each glass panel.

Drainage system

Inbuilt drainage system makes it possible to avoid installing additional pipes that would ruin the entire look

Insect protection

Retractable insect screens can be additionally installed to provide enhanced protection in the warmer time of the year

Wall enclosures

Available in combination with sliding (SGL series), folding (FGL series), automatic (AGL series) and fixed insulated and non-insulated glass wall systems

It is possible to install an air conditioner, insect screen, and skylight shades.

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Crystalia Sliding Glass Roof is a European innovation on the enclosures market with unique fantastic features and design


Crystalia Sliding Glass Roof is a European innovation on the enclosures market with unique fantastic features and design


Crystalia Sliding Glass Roof is a European innovation on the enclosures market with unique fantastic features and design

Why Crystalia Glass?


Our company helps you create and fulfill projects according to your requirements. We customize our systems to work for your space. No two projects are the same. Our professional and experienced technical team is always in search of the best products and design solutions.

Lowest Prices on the Market

We always do our best to offer as many alternatives as possible for every project. If you receive a price that is lower than the one we quoted, you are more than welcome to share the estimate with us and we will look into every possibility to meet your budget.

Meeting The Highest Standards

Using the principle of transparency in relations between the parties during the performance of work, we achieve high-quality results.

Knowledgeable Stuff

We pay special attention to our customers, so you will never have to wait more than 24 hours for a response. Using the contact form below, you can contact the manager of our company directly.

Excellent Customer Service

Performing construction work for our customers, we are always disciplined, so we are very serious about the performance of our obligations. Our company provides warranties for all our products and does not allow defects during installation executing quality control of all the systems prior to installation.

Interaction Mechanism

The company is fully responsible for the execution of works and the quality of materials. Our customer receives all the information about manufacturers, technical characteristics, stages of production and installation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Crystalia Sunrooms can be free-standing and enclosed with glass on all 4 sides.

What are your standard rates?

We do not have standard prices as each sunroom is custom and requires individual pricing.