Frameless Sliding Glass Wall

It is the most aesthetic, safe, and insulating system on the market, resistant to both heavy rains and humidity. The bottom track includes a drain to evacuate any water produced by condensation. Our system has no bearings, its panels slide on a resistant surface, so it barely has any wear on its componentry. This way the maintenance is practically zero.

We adapt to any kind of porch or terrace. Our product is one of the most versatile and adaptable on the market. Our technical department will help you out find the best solution for your project.

  • The CRYSTALIA system is suitable for use in close proximity to a water source since all parts and components of the system are treated with an anti-corrosion coating.
  • The system is suitable for glazing just about any large area.
  • For installation of the system, there is no need for a new construction.
  • The CRYSTALIAGLASS system allows you to install any number of doors.
sliding glass walls



With the help of the CRYSTALIA system, it is possible to increase the useful area of housing that you did not use before.

CRYSTALIA – the perfect solution for the exit from your terrace to the street.

Frameless glazing CRYSTALIA is perfect for wooden home and house houses. The frameless design means the system is never impacted by the wood swelling and shrinking.

Glazing prevents the penetration of dirt, dust, rain, and wind.


Panels in the assembled form occupy the minimum space.

The latch of the panels ensures reliable fixation of the panels in the assembled state.

  • The system is a smooth, almost imperceptible visually glassy surface, without superfluous details – racks, frames and cross-bars, creating a panoramic glazing effect.
  • All components of the system are made in Europe and have passed all safety and quality tests.
  • The system is low-thrust – this gives the system high stability and safety, because the glass panels are not attached to the ceiling, unlike other systems.
  • CRYSTALIA is the most air and waterproof frameless system on the market.
  • The system operates on the principle of sliding – the panels smoothly move on a special sliding coating. The system does not use bearings and rollers, so maintenance is minimized.
  • It is possible to install a moving door anywhere throughout the structure (not only along the edges of the opening).
  • Any of the glass panels can be opened both inside and outside the room, depending on the chosen configuration.
  • The system offers the ability to compensate for defects of the opening up to 76 mm with the help of the lower and upper compensating profiles.

These and many other technical features distinguish the CRISTALIA system from other panoramic glazing designs present on the market.



The CRYSTALIAGLASS system creates additional space and seating for guests in your restaurant.





It is possible to completely install the bottom profile on the floor, thereby providing an unimpeded entrance for your customers.


Maximum height of the system

5/16  inch glass – 8 feet

3/8 inch glass – 9 feet

1/2 inch glass – 10 feet


Maximum width of the panels

Recommended panel width – 2 feet

Maximum panel width – 2.5 feet

Maximum door width – 3 feet


Maximum number of panels

Can be placed in one collection place of 18 panels



The CRYSTALIAGLASS system is perfect for dividing rooms into functional areas.

Frameless glazing CRYSTALIAGLASS provides exceptional noise insulation between the created spaces.

Numerous design options for glass and profile will make the partition an integral style element of your office.


The system can be personalized and adapted to existing spaces and structures.



Anodizing profile in different colors and with different types of processing (which are achieved with different types of processing processes) creates a matte and extra-shiny surface. The standard thickness of the anodized coating is 15-20 microns.

Powder painting

Powder painting of aluminum profiles in any color, according to the international catalog.


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