SGL-200 is a remarkably flexible and robust thermally insulated system for Lift & Sliding and regular sliding doors, that uses the same profiles for both kinds of frames (non-thermally broken and thermally broken). It provides high thermal performance, robust constructions and is ideal for larger openings. At the same time, it is distinguished by its delicate and modern design, notably thanks to its slim interlocking profile and to its functional low threshold for Lift & Slide and sliding doors.

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Sliding Door Systems SGL-200



  1. UF – from 2,3 W/m²K

Maximum/minimum dimensions

  • Glass thickness

    15/16’’ x 1-3/4’’ (24 – 44 mm)

  • Minimum frame height

    1-3/4’’ (45 mm)

  • Minimum frame width:

    5-1/16’’ (128 mm)

  • Maximum weight

    198, 441, 661 lbs (90, 200, 300 kg) per panel

Type of thermal insulation: Polyamides 15/16’’ (24 mm) into the frame & Polyamides 5/8’’ – 15/16’’ (16 – 24 mm) into the sash, PE insulation Foam, PVC parts


The system is a smooth, almost imperceptible visually glassy surface, without superfluous details – racks, frames and cross-bars, allowing to create the effect of panoramic glazing

Minimized maintenance

The systme operates on the principle of sliding – the panels smoothly move on a special sliding coating. The system does not use bearings and rollers, so maintenance is minimized


All components of the system are made in Europe and have passed all the necessary tests


It is possible to install a moving door anywhere in the structure (not only along the edges of the opening)


The system is low-thrust – this gives the system high stability and safety, because the glass panels are not attached to the celling, unike other systems

Opening principles

Any of the glass panels can be opened both inside and outside the room, depending on the chosen configuration

Air and water resistant

CRYSTALIA GLASS is the most air-waterproof frameless system on the market

Recessed guides

The system provides an opportunity to compensate the defects of the opening up to 76mm (3 inch) with the help of the lower and upper compensating profiles

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Key places

Bottom guide

Bottom guide profile can be surface mounted and recessed

Upper profile

Thermally broken aluminum framing of minimal width

Adjoining profile

Minimum visible aluminum face width at the central vertical column – 1-1/8’’ (28 mm)

Insulated glass

Thermal insulated unit with high UV factor


A wide range of handles available

System configuration

Double lifting sliding sash

Four lifting sliding sashes meeting stile

Triple lifting sliding sash

Handles and locks types

Complete set of handles characterized by elegant straight lines in accordance to the new architectural trends. An ideal option for bi-folding and sliding series, covering all technical applications, whilst following the same high quality standards. A wide range of colors and applications is available.

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Personal manager

A personal manager will provide direct and immediate contact with all parties involved in the process – estimators, technical specialists, fabricators, project managers, and installers.

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We will supply all the materials that you require for the project: catalogs, glass and hardware samples.

Unique projects

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Sliding Glass Wall SGL-200

SGL-200 is a robust sliding or lift and sliding system that provides a high level of thermal insulation, flexibility in construction and is ideal for large openings.


SGL-200 offers flexibility given that it can be utilized in the construction of windows and doors for small or extremely large spans. The system is of exceptional quality because of the profiles’ stiffness. It enables both internal and external “framing” for a stronger connection of the profiles, giving simultaneously economic construction, in matters value for the price.


Furthermore, the system has been designed for hotel construction needs, with emphasis on the configuration with one sliding and one stationary panel, or two sliding panels with a meeting stile, or fixed in the middle and left-right uplifting panels.

Moreover, the system offers the possibility of installing an anti-insect mosquito net, which is an indispensable addition to any home or business.


Predominantly, this system is preferred for its modern design and virtually limitless installation possibilities. The panel can weigh up to 661 lbs, which means the maximum width of a sash reaches almost 120’’ (depending on the height and thickness of the glass unit). This is the reason lift and slide option is offered as it minimizes the weight of the panel that needs to be moved manually.


Crystalia Glass offers a remarkable variety of frame options that differ in the profile infill, profile thickness and finish. The standard finish options are white and bronze, however, custom finishes are also available.