Category: Retractable Roofing Systems

Crystalia offers automatic and manual retractable roof systems that transform any outdoor space into a four-season usable area that is suitable for both commercial and residential spaces. With the touch of a button on a remote control, our roof systems go from fully open to fully close within seconds. Crystalia Glass systems are manufactured from high-quality extruded aluminum frames with the use of materials such as glass or specially treated fabrics. Our awnings boast higher durability than non-custom plastic patio and pool covers.

Sliding Glass Roof is a European innovation on the awnings’ market with unique features and design possibilities. It stands out for its high-quality aluminum structure, watertight system, integrated drainage system, manual or automatic opening options, and the possibility of installing intelligent rain and wind sensors allowing to close the roof automatically in case of rain or snowfall.

Glass Fabric Pergola has an aluminum frame with inbuilt gutters for efficient rain control. The fabric is a special PVC canvas that is resistant to UV exposure, resists sagging, and provides excellent sun and rainfall protection. The fabric can be either completely opaque for maximum privacy and protection, or it can be micro-perforated, letting in diffused, soft light.

Bioclimatic Pergola with adjustable orientable slats has a fully motorized opening system. The adjustment of the slats creates pleasant ventilation in the warmer months and soft ambient light in the gloomy days. The non-retractable pergola has perfect insulation properties with an advanced drainage system preventing water from falling inside the enclosed space in case of an opening.

Category: Retractable Roofing Systems

Іs never simple to achieve. It demands attention to detail, the use of high-quality materials, and an understanding of architectural trends. Crystalia Glass offers the best retractable roof systems that meet modern minimalistic design standards.

roofs are typically wall-mounted, although they can also be installed as a freestanding structure. The sleek front columns allow combining all systems with various glass wall systems and fabric shades. This is the most practical way to achieve privacy and unsurpassed protection from the sun, dust, and debris. There are more than five styles for the retractable roof systems. You can opt for sliding glass panels (with or without an aluminum frame) to create even more privacy, with water-tight seals against rain. Depending on the configuration of your space, Crystalia systems can complement any building and induce the feeling of an outdoor room.