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Sunroom Systems

Sunrooms or four-season rooms represent a combination of the glass roof and walls to design a room that is overflowing with light and can bring you and your guests comfort of indoors without the loss of the views outdoors.

Crystalia Glass offers the broadest range of systems on the glazing market for you to create a sunroom that would meet your needs, budget and technical specifications of your space.

Application Possibilities



Swimming pool


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Folding Glass Wall FGL-200

  1. Creates a maximum opening in a folded position
  2. Thermally broken aluminum frames
  3. 1’’ insulated unit glass
  4. Possibility of installation of Low Energy glass and one-way mirrors
  5. The most prevailing system on the market
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Sliding Glass Wall SGL-200

  1. Allows installing individual panels up to 9’ wide
  2. Thermally broken aluminum frames
  3. 1’’ insulated unit glass
  4. Possibility of installation of Low Energy glass and one-way mirrors
  5. Lift and slide opening system for heavier panels
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Automatic Guillotine Glass Wall AGL-100

  1. Supplied with motors allowing automatic opening
  2. 3/8’’ tempered glass or 1’’ insulated unit glass
  3. Serves as a guardrail in an open position
  4. Automatically powered by a remote control
  5. Silent operation and smooth movement of the sashes
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Frameless Sliding Glass Wall SGL-90

  1. Maximizes the usage of the passageways
  2. 3/8’’ or 1/2’’ tempered glass
  3. Minimal framing on top and bottom only
  4. A lower track can be recessed in the floor
  5. Compensating profile allows easy maintenance
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Frameless Sliding Glass Wall SGL-1116

  1. Offers coverage of large areas with unlimited number of panels
  2. 3/8’’ or 1/2’’ tempered glass
  3. Minimal framing on top and bottom only
  4. The lowest bottom track on the market
  5. Sleek and modern design

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Key places


High-quality durable Somfy motors provide fast and reliable operation powering the roof sashes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty


Settings allow choosing a configuration where the roof rows can open simultaneously or individually to create extra airflow


The use of top-quality aluminum and rubber components results in a silent and smooth movement of each glass panel.


A wide range of handles available

Adjoining profile

Minimum visible aluminum face width at the central vertical column – 1-1/8’’ (28 mm)

Upper profile

Thermally broken aluminum framing of minimal width

Insulated glass

Thermal insulated unit with high UV factor

Bottom guide

Bottom guide profile can be surface mounted and recessed

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    Warranty service of the installed roof – 3 years


    Durability – service life up to 30 years

    Environmental friendliness

    Environmentally friendly materials and aesthetic appearance


    Strength of bearing elements

    “Breathable” Design

    Air permeable coating


    Possibility of painting in any color according to the RAL catalog


    High light transmission

    Temperature stability

    High temperature resistance


    Hygiene and ease of maintenance

    Additional features

    Rain sensor

    A rain sensor automatically closes the glass roof in case of rain and snow, which makes the system more practical and suitable for various weather conditions.


    Regardless of the sunroom configuration, AC can be installed in the four-season room to bring a whole new level of comfort and convenience.

    Remote control

    The remote control system will provide more control and comfort making it possible to close and open the system with one touch of a button.

    Sunlight protection

    Special sun-protecting screens are available. They are ordered precisely to size which means they are custom made along with the entire sunroom system.

    System configuration


    Sunroom with Retractable Glass Roof and Folding Glass Wall FGL-200


    Sunroom with Retractable Glass Roof and Sliding Glass Wall SGL-200


    Sunroom with Retractable Glass Roof and Sliding Glass Wall SGL-90


    Sunroom with Retractable Glass Roof and Sliding Glass Wall SGL-1116


    Sunroom with Retractable Glass Roof and Automatic Guillotine Glass Wall AGL-100

    For our partners we provide:

    Loyalty program

    Any work must be paid for – and we completely comprehend this. That’s why we have a partner loyalty program that includes special commercial offers and terms.

    Personal manager

    A personal manager will provide direct and immediate contact with all parties involved in the process – estimators, technical specialists, fabricators, project managers, and installers.

    Product samples

    We will supply all the materials that you require for the project: catalogs, glass and hardware samples.

    Unique projects

    We are ready for complex projects and innovative design solutions. If you could not find the product you are looking for, contact us and we will develop it for you!

    Four season sunroom

    Sunroom does not have a universal name, as it may also be referred to as solarium, garden room, four-season room, or patio room. And one sunny state enjoys the system so much that it nicknamed it a Florida room.

    Sunrooms represent a practical addition to a home or business. They offer a multifunctional space to greet guests, maximize the usage of the living area, or simply take pleasure from the outdoors without being bothered by unbearable summer heat, freezing winter cold and other not-so-pleasant weather conditions. Adding a sunroom is a huge deal-breaker for businesses like restaurants, rooftop bars, and hotels as it adds an extra room that can be used all year round to skyrocket the revenue by expanding the sitting area.

    If you are deliberating on updating your home or business, then contact our support team. Our experts would answer all your questions and provide recommendations on how you can transform your living space with Crystalia Glass sunrooms.