Sliding Glass Walls


Automatic Sliding Glass Wall AGL-100 

This vertically lifting system is called a “guillotine.” The glass panels can be wide and heavy, but this does not prevent their reliable movement generated by an electric drive operated from a remote control. Frames move up and down, and when the system is fully opened, it creates a transparent fence. Such system is often used for commercial buildings, restaurants, or hotels.


Frameless Sliding Glass Wall SGL-90

Crystalia is an exclusive glass enclosure system without profiles, offering the best possible solution for your home or business. Our exclusive frameless glazing system adapts to all kind of terraces, porches, attics or indoor spaces.


Frameless Sliding Glass Wall SGL-1116

Frameless Sliding Glass Wall is a great addition to inside as well as outside interior design. A wall like this looks slick and modern. The installation is fast and clean, the care is minimal, the operation is easy. Clear and unobstructed view is another huge benefit of retractable glass walls.


Folding Door Systems FGL-200 

Folding Doors are best suited for outdoor installation. Their insulated profiles provide 100% soundproof and waterproof protection. The doors are easily operated and allow installation of a lock for additional security.


Frameless Folding Door Systems FGL-100

Frameless Folding Door runs on an overhead track which means nothing is installed on the floor. This folding door system is suitable for commercial and residential premises and adds to the modernity and convenience of your interior.

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