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Crystalia offers exterior insulated and non-insulated sliding and folding door systems that transform any space into comfortable and usable area. Our systems are suitable for both commercial and residential projects.

Crystalia Glass systems are manufactured from high-quality extruded aluminum frames that are supplied with thermal break technology.
Besides being incredibly durable, sliding glass walls enhance the design, permeating natural light and merging indoors with the outdoors.

SGL-200 is a remarkably flexible and robust thermally insulated system for Lift & Sliding and regular sliding doors, that uses the same profiles for both kinds of frames (non-thermally broken and thermally broken)

Maximum/minimum dimensions

  1. Glass thickness: 15/16’’ x 1-3/4’’ (24 – 44 mm)
  2. Minimum frame height: 1-3/4’’ (45 mm)
  3. Minimum frame width: 5-1/16’’ (128 mm)
  4. Maximum weight: 198, 441, 661 lbs (90, 200, 300 kg) per panel
  5. Type of thermal insulation: Polyamides 15/16’’ (24 mm) into the frame & Polyamides 5/8’’ – 15/16’’ (16 – 24 mm) into the sash, PE insulation Foam, PVC parts

FGL-200 is an insulated folding door system with top-hung operation, suitable for small and large openings. It offers durable and elegant solutions fitted for high-end residential and commercial projects, such as luxury residences, office buildings, conference centers, hotels, restaurants.

Maximum dimensions

  1. Glass thickness: 15/16’’ x 1-1/4’’ (24-32 mm)
  2. Maximum panel width: 43-5/16’’ (1100 mm)
  3. Maximum panel height: 110-1/4’’ (2800 mm)
  4. Maximum weight: 275 lbs (125 kg) per panel

SGL-1116 Is the bottom support system with the lowest bottom track on the market. The system is designed in the spirit of all Crystalia Glass products: easy to manufacture, easy to install and maintenance-free. SGL-1116 Slide system has the minimum number of components, thereby highest quality, durability, and reliability.

Maximum dimensions

  1. Glass thickness: 3/8’’ (10 mm)
  2. Maximum panel width: 47’’ (1200mm)
  3. Maximum panel height: 118’’ (3000 mm)
  4. Maximum weight: 330 lbs (150 kg) per panel



SGL-90 is an exclusive frameless glass enclosure system, offering the best possible solution for your home and business. Our exclusive frameless glazing system adapts to all kinds of terraces, porches and indoor spaces. The system is suitable for glazing just about any large area. The system operates on the principle of sliding – the panels smoothly move on a special sliding coating. The system does not use bearings and rollers, so maintenance is minimized.

Maximum dimensions

  1. Glass thickness: 3/8’’ – ½’’ (10 – 12 mm)
  2. Maximum panel width: 32’’ (812 mm)
  3. Maximum panel height: 120’’ (3048 mm)
  4. Maximum weight: 170 lbs (77 kg) per panel

AGL-100 is a remote-controlled, automatic, retractable glass wall system. The system can be used as a moving railing system in hotel, restaurant glazing, or residential patio or balcony glazing, etc. In AGL-100, the automatic guillotine system, there are many patented innovations such as hand protection which is a specially designed profile that prevents jamming of the fingers or hands.

Maximum dimensions

  1. Glass thickness: 3/8’’ x 1’’ (10-25.4 mm)
  2. Maximum panel width: 157’’ (3987 mm)
  3. Maximum system height: 142’’ (3607 mm)
  4. Maximum weight: 370 lbs (168 kg) per panel

Category: Sliding Glass Walls