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Frameless Sliding Glass Wall


SGL-1116 Is the bottom support system with the lowest bottom track on the market.

The system is designed in the spirit of all Crystalia Glass products: easy to manufacture, easy to install and maintenance-free. SGL-1116 Slide system has the minimum number of components, thereby highest quality, durability, and reliability.

Full protection
Highest quality
Fully Certified

Frameless Sliding Glass Wall SGL-1116


SGL-1116 Slide Mini is a new frameless glazing system withoutvertical profiles, specially designed to separate interior spaces.

  1. Offers coverage of large areas with unlimited number of panels
  2. 3/8’’ or 1/2’’ tempered glass
  3. Minimal framing on top and bottom only
  4. The lowest bottom track on the market
  5. Sleek and modern design

Key places

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3/8’’ monolithic tempered glass

Bottom guide

The lowest bottom track on the market of sliding glass walls that allows adding an unlimited number of panels

Panel overlap

Our system offers an overlap between panels of only 11/16’’

System configuration

1 One sliding panel + fixed panel

Both panels can slide to the left and to the right if no stopper is installed

2 Two sliding panels + two fixed panels on each side

A popular configuration for larger openings. All panels can slide to the right or to the left, or in the opposite directions

3 Three panels + fixed panel

All panels slide to the left or to the right. The perfect option for offices and conference rooms

4 Four sliding panels + two fixed panels

The total of three sliding panels can be put on each side of the opening with fixed panels at each side

Maximum dimensions

  • Glass thickness


  • Panel width

    < 71″

  • Panel height

    < 144″

  • Max.panel size

    10’ x4′

  • Max. panel numbers


Low landing

The lowes bottom guide on the market

Quick assembly

Install the glass in seconds right on the installation site

Install any glass you wish

The system is suitable for 3/8” and 1/2” tempered or laminates glass

Rollers of the highest quality

Each panel is supported by two rollers, which can handle panels up to 200 lbs

All forms of sale without glass

All components of the system, including profiles with accessories cut for a specific project, are available for purchase.

Excellent system adjustment features

The upper guide profile can be adjustment up to 1-13/16” and the rollers can be adjustment up to 3/16” in height

Large selection of locks

Compared with similar systems on the market


2-year warranty

Track configuration

Quick assembly

Bottom track can be recessed in the floor

Quick assembly

Bottom track can be supplied with angled fittings to prevent tripping

Handles and locks types

Sliding glass wall

SGL-1116 is another enclosure option that combines design and comfort. In this case, the panels do not fold but slide smoothly along the aluminum rails. By pulling just one panel, all glass panels will slide along for opening or closing. This way, it is possible to have a perfect panoramic view, and it is suitable for those terraces where you wish to make the best possible use of them.

Business owners have found this system an ideal fit for conference rooms as it allows quickly to transform an open space into a private conference room. Restaurants increase their profit when they enclose exterior seating are with SGL-1116 allowing them to utilize the space in the colder months.

Homeowners enjoy stunning views and natural lightning dividing the space into functional zones.