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Glass Solutions for your Home and Business

Crystalia Glass is devoted to bringing innovative glazing systems to your home and office. Our main goal is to make sure we meet the requirements of the market and provide our customers with the best products. We guarantee to deliver the highest quality products and timely installation. Contact us now to make a step into the future of construction!

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Why Crystalia Glass?


Our company helps you create and fulfill projects according to your requirements. We customize our systems to work for your space. No two projects are the same. Our professional and experienced technical team is always in search of the best products and design solutions.

Lowest Prices on the Market

We always do our best to offer as many alternatives as possible for every project. If you receive a price that is lower than the one we quoted, you are more than welcome to share the estimate with us and we will look into every possibility to meet your budget.

Meeting The Highest Standards

We achieve high-quality results, using the principle of transparency between parties for the entire duration of our projects.

Knowledgeable Staff

We pay special attention to our customers, so you will never have to wait more than 24 hours for a response. You can contact a manager of our company directly using the contact form below.

Excellent Customer Service

We are always disciplined when it comes to the execution of our obligations while performing construction work of our customers. Our company provides warranties on all our products and does not allow defects during the installation process, overseeing strict quality control of all system prior to installation.

Customer Interaction

We make sure to keep our customer informed on all stages of the project cycle, as well as provide all the necessary information about manufactures and technical characteristics of their system of choice.

Steel Partition Swing


Sliding Wall SGL-1116


CGF – Sliding


Steel Partition Sliding


Steel Partition – Swing


CGS – Swing


Steel Partition Swing


Sliding Wall SGL-1116


What our clients say about Crystalia Glass

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Home Office Upgrade with Crystalia Glass Steel System. Customer Review 3:58
Commercial Space Makeover with Bespoke Steel Partitions. Crystalia Glass Review 3:27
How to Divide a Room without Sacrificing Natural Lightflow? Crystalia Glass Review. 2:53
Loft Apartment Makeover. Incredible Crystalia Steel Double Door Review. 1:00
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Jonathan Polanco
Hands down excellent service and work. The staff was great and the prices are excellent. I can't stop getting compliments on the glass doors in my office.
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Anna Nguyen
Crystal Glass was very easy to work with and the end product is beautiful! The steel is very thick and heavy. Construction is meticulous. Anybody that sees it compliments it.
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Perfect service! Thank you!!!
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kalpesh rana
Crystalia Glass did an awesome Job for my office door. We really love how our Sales Rep Michael has helped on my project all the way to finish. The design engineer and both installers (Sarj) did an excellent job on installing and double triple checking the work. I would recommend Crystalia Glass to anyone who has this kind of project.
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B. Tubbs
Thanks to the Crystalia Glass team for their excellent customer service. Saule helped us realize the potential of our unusual display project beyond the initial conception - and simplified the whole process.
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Andrew Nerezko
Great quality steel partitions for a very reasonable price. Lowest on the marker. Peter has been a great help. Thank you Crystalia!
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Anna Romanov
I’ve been very happy with my purchase of custom steel partition. Peter was super helpful and showed me around in their showroom in Brooklyn. Portion looks amazing in my place.
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Kristen Salvo
The door we installed was for a sitting room with beautiful windows overlooking the mountains. We love the Crystalia door because it is elegant and preserves the view and natural light. Additionally, the team was wonderful to work with - excellent customer service.
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Maher Aboura
Great Work !! Great workers !! Great service !!
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Anne Sun
GREAT product. They were so easy to work with; quick, efficient, and very responsive. We just went through a gut reno in our new apt and were looking around at multiple companies in NYC that could create this glass wall that I had seen on Instagram. My architect friend recommended Crystalia Glass, and they were definitely the most reasonable priced source we came across. Even with the pandemic, they were able to complete the wall ahead of schedule and we are thrilled with the final outcome. Would definitely recommend them to our friends!
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Rafael Rosario
Peter and the team at Crystalia are very professionals, very attentive and provide a great customer service. The steel partition wall is simple but impactful. The design elements of this wall is versatile a modern and industrial look at the same time. I definitely recommend Crystalia to anyone who would like to do this kind of projects. They are excellent. Thank you
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Grace Thor
Overall experience was excellent. Highly recommend and will be using Crystalia for all my future improvements!
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Craig Klonowski
We just had our custom wall finished today. Crystalia was amazing through the whole process, especially considering the quarantine and construction restrictions. The process was very thorough and the end product is amazing. The technicians were very friendly and did incredible work to ensure the wall was installed perfectly (they actually were cutting custom pieces in the middle of Hurricane Isais to make sure we got the wall they designed!). Exceptional pricing and a really great product, I highly recommend to anyone looking for a custom glass room divider!
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robert mcgrath
Products - Price - Exceptional Service! Was looking for an interior system to mimic the steel casement windows of the building. After coming across Crystalia Glass and making the trip to their office, I knew I found the right fit. Good people, good products, priced right, custom colors, and when it came time to install the glass they went above and beyond creating a video and also suggested a new slimmer profile gasket that made the product look even better. Thank You!
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Eli Weissman
Really great work. Had a glass wall with sliding panel installed and I was very impressed with the whole experience. Overall, the whole team was great and easy to work with. But most important to me is that the end result was executed meticulously and to a higher standard of quality than I expected. I would highly recommend.
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