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Aluminum Glass Partition

This glazing system is a perfect fit for modern commercial and office spaces. In homes it can be used as a room divider with a contemporary industrial touch.

KOMPAS Aluminum and Glass Partition

  1. The single or double glazed walls are not just a stylish glass partition wall, it is also an economical solution for your working environment.
  2. This is the only system, which allows installing glass panes horizontally in places where entrance is too small to fit large glass panels.
  3. Aluminum profile can copy the look of the custom steel partition with significantly lower price and easier installation process. This design blends particularly well in modern and industrial office design.

Key places

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Profile fixation

Vertical and horizontal profiles are connected with a special T-fastener

Top door patch

Minimal top door patch fitting with a high density cast body

Bottom door patch

Self-closing bottom door patch fitting with a 90-degree hold-open option

Door handles

The design, finish and length are customizable

Profile fixation

Vertical and horizontal profiles are connected with a special T-fastener

Profile fixation

Vertical and horizontal profiles are connected with a special T-fastener

System configuration

1A singe swing door with two horizontal glass sections

2A single swing door with two vertical glass sections

3Double doors with two vertical sections

4A single swing door with crisscross design sections

5Double doors with crisscross desig sections

6Double doors with a transom

For our partners we provide:

Loyalty program

Any work must be paid for – and we completely comprehend this. That’s why we have a partner loyalty program that includes special commercial offers and terms.

Personal manager

A personal manager will provide direct and immediate contact with all parties involved in the process – estimators, technical specialists, fabricators, project managers, and installers.

Product samples

We will supply all the materials that you require for the project: catalogs, glass and hardware samples.

Unique projects

We are ready for complex projects and innovative design solutions. If you could not find the product you are looking for, contact us and we will develop it for you!

Aluminium Glass Partitions

Crystalia Glass aluminum glass partition systems represent a practical, lasting and contemporary design solution. They are highly popular due to the various design possibilities they create, high sound insulation properties and the use of the highest quality hardware.


Easy-to-install, transparent office glass walls are in great demand and our company makes it possible to accomplish such a renovation project. The installation does not take a lot of time, and the system is flexible enough to be accommodated in the “tricky” spaces. In our aluminum systems, the main load-bearing elements are external walls, so they are the best option for the areas with open ceilings. Such glass walls divide the interior space into functional areas without the loss of the spaces and obstruction of the light flow.


Our aluminum profile are imported from Europe and have all the qualities that are valued and important for the buyer of both office and home partition:

  • Increased wall thickness
  • Rigid structure
  • Excellent level of heat and sound insulation
  • Easy to install, use and care
  • Modern look
  • Numerous glass installation options


The aluminum profile come in several finishes, including glossy and matte black, white and satin anodized. The structure of the profile allows the installation of the glass on both sides of the frame. This means that the sound insulation rate is twice as high. Flexible, but durable glass systems, the aluminum partition is a way to go for high-end commercial spaces as the possibility of creating a sectioned look corresponds with a loft-style trend.