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Framed Sliding Glass Door CGF Series (old)

New Sliding Glass Door systems CGF-300, CGF-350 and CGF-400 comply with the most modern demands in the field of architecture and interior design combining the advantages of Crystalia Glass framed and frameless partitions.

  • CGF 300
  • CGF 350
  • CGF 400

Framed sliding glass door CGF 300 with perimeter frame


The system retains the advantage of the frameless model in terms of clarity and lightness of construction. However, its frame finish adds an industrial feel to the door system. Minimal thickness of the decorative strips allows you to design partitions with a pattern without disturbing the visual lightness of the design.

  1. The glass comes in a choice of many finishes including clear, low iron, bronze, gray, and frosted. Clear glass lets in more light and expands the room’s view. Other glass finishes provide more privacy.
  2. Glass panels are available in custom widths and heights. However, 9 feet is the maximum height for monolithic tempered glass panels.
  3. The frame is made of aluminum, which is both an eco-friendly and durable material.

Key places

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Door handle of your choice

Perimeter frame set

False frames attached to the surface of the glass

Glass type

Monolithic tempered glass up to 3/8’’ thick, the finish of your choice


Ball bearing rollers with an anti-shock braking system

Integrated top channel

Top channel for the fixed panel is concealed in the sliding top track minimizing the gap between the panels

Bottom u-channel

Minimal aluminum u-channel for fixed glass panel support

Bottom guide

½’’ high bottom guide holds the sliding door in place

System configuration

1 One sliding door

A single sliding door moving to the left or to the right

2 One sliding door + one fixed panel

A single sliding door with a fixed sidelight moving to the left or to the right

3 Two sliding doors

Double sliding doors moving in opposite directions

4 Two sliding doors + two fixed panels

Double sliding doors moving in opposite directions with fixed sidelights on each side


Durable tempered glass

For sliding door glass panels we use an only monolithic tempered glass of thickness ⅜’’, which is both durable and safe. Such glass can tolerate heavy impacts and scratches and is nearly unbreakable in home and office conditions.

Harmless even if broken

Its only rather vulnerable place is edges: damaging edges can break the glass. However, even if broken, the glass remains safe since it is shattering into relatively harmless inch-size pieces.

Soft closing technology

To protect edges from cracking, we use special sliding door hardware with an anti-shock braking system. It ensures soft closing and protects the door and users from impact damage.

Running smoothly for 25 years

By the way, the door hardware we use has successfully passed a test of 100,000 opening and closing cycles. That means it can run smoothly for approximately 25 years.

Thoughtful design

When the glass area is large, there is always a risk that someone will fail to recognize the glass and will try to walk through it. The strip pattern as well as frosted glass finish help prevent these risks.

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    The new soft-closing technology

    The new soft-closing technology from CRYSTALIA which combines two nitrogen gas pistons and one oil-filled piston all within the same unit.


    1. Closing action is PROGRESSIVE and slows down as the door approaches the fully closed position
    2. Anti break feature on the trigger
    3. Ensures safe braking and prevents bouncing of the door
    4. Ensures the door is braked SAFELY
    5. Ensures the door is held firmly in the closed position
    6. Combines an aesthetically pleasing action with safe soft closing for doors up to 242 lbs
    Track A
    2-5/16” x 2-3/8”
    Track B
    3” x 2-3/8”
    Bottom Channel
    5/8” x 3/8”
    Profiles Frame
    1-1/2” x 3/8”
    Gap A
    Gap B