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Glass Railing Ideas: A to Z guide to fancy…



The use of glass in the interior design is a modern trend, which is gaining momentum every year. If earlier glass could be found only on commercial sites, now creative owners of houses and apartments love it too. Glass railings and balustrades have earned respect for their durability, safety, and exceptionally attractive appearance.

There are several types of glass railings differing in installation ways. We have come up with some ideas for each one that will inspire you to create a unique design for your home.

1)    Glass Railing on Shoe Track

This railing type is notable for creating absolutely clean look and 100% transparency. The hardware is limited to the rails and the shoe base. The shoe can be embedded into the floor, which creates a feeling of glass “growing” out of the staircase.

Hey, minimalists, look at this! Crystal clear glass, white walls, and dark wood stairs create a chic design and save you from the dooms of insipidity!

While glass stairs can seem extra to most people, glass railing reinforced with a cap rail will stand any blow and bear even the hardest grip.

Oh, wood! Wooden staircase framed with glass railing is a win-win combo for every interior. Here glass panels have a gap between them – the trick that adds intricacy and originality.

2)    Point-supported glass railing

While the previous option seems steady and safe enough, the point-supported railing creates a feeling that you are walking a knife-edge.  The points or stand-offs seem so small in comparison to 36 or 42-inch high glass panels, but believe it or not, they do their job.

Glass railings are spectacular in their flexibility. Here the panels have been custom made to accentuate the steepness of modern edgy staircase.

Do not doubt that glass is strong enough to serve as a railing. First, tempered or laminated glass cannot be broken easily. Second, even if somehow magically you manage to break it, the glass will not cut you. It will fly apart all over the surface in thousands of beads.

The railing does not need to be railing at all. It can be a wall if you wish. The ideas are limited by your imagination only. Therefore, dream on, dream big, and we will take care of the railing.

3)    Glass railing on mini posts

This option is the most flexible of all in the terms of installation. All you need to do for a railing on mini posts is to have a staircase! The mini posts can be mounted almost to any surface, be it wood or concrete. The posts come in two height options: 10-inch posts are best for interior railings and 16 inches for exterior options.

Mini posts come in two architectural finishes – brushed and polished stainless steel. However, custom color is available to suit your most original ideas.

Sometimes the material and design of a staircase limit the options for the railing. Then the mini posts come very handily. Such railings still look clean and uncluttered as mini-posts do not look massive as their name implies.

4)    Glass railing on tall posts

If you go for a more industrial look, this option is for you. Steel and glass look well together – this combo is modern, sleek, and can boast of great durability and soundness.

In this project, the glass railing system frames a dark wooden staircase. The tall posts act as a perfect fit for the curved staircases as at times this is the only option to fix large bent glass panels.

However, tall posts look equally good on traditional staircases. Such a glazing system does not create a feeling of heaviness, but on the contrary, accentuates the simple clear lines of the design.

The glass railings represent all the best features of modern design – simplistic, minimalist and diverse.

Regardless of what type of railing you will choose, the specialist of Crystalia Glass Company can install and bring to life any imaginable design and find the best solution for every project.