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How To Install Glass Partition



All about Frameless Partition

From modern home to office décor, glass wall partitions play unique role. It can be built from different types of glass and hardware, which adds spice of customization to meet your design preferences.

What is a glass partition wall?

Interior or exterior wall structure made out of glass, with framing or frameless. Such structure helps to have non load bearing wall, which serves as a divider of space. The glass partition trending as a modern concept in residential and commercial spaces.

Advantages of glass partition:

  • Partition divides the area, without limiting feel of the space;
  • Access of natural light;
  • Transparency in the corporate set up;
  • Frosted glass adds the level of privacy;
  • Adjustable to any design and style;
  • Glass resists the stain – smooth surface helps to maintain clean squeaky partition.

Types of the glass panels:

The panels range from minimal privacy to extensive wall structure. The design scheme and the type of panel is adjustable per person.

  1. Clear
  2. Ultra-clear (low iron)
  3. Tempered
  4. Patterned
  5. Frosted
  6. Tinted
  7. Laminated

The design features of all-glass partitions make it possible to use swing, sliding and pendulum frameless glass doors with a modern design. Such solutions can use high-quality imported fittings.

In the designs of all-glass frameless partitions, profiles are used, through which glass is fixed to the ceiling, flooring and walls. Since they are practically invisible, the effect of creating all the planes of the partition from glass only is created.

Frameless partitions have a larger glazing area and a lighter appearance than frame solutions. Due to the absence of a vertical frame, installation is greatly simplified, the possible overview is increased, and the effect of spatial expansion is created.

Such glass frameless partitions are distinguished by a small thickness, which significantly distinguishes them from drywall and brick options. As a result, the installation of frameless structures will not affect the size of the room.

The use of this type of triplex in the design makes it possible to install these partitions in places where there are a large number of people. In such partitions, transparent, tinted, colored or frosted glasses, as well as material decorated with a pattern, can be used.

Decoration of frameless glass partitions:

In the manufacture of all-glass partitions, their glass can be decorated, namely, sandblasted, silk-screened or tinted. Along with this, such products have a modern design.

We offer partitions with clamping profiles for glass fastening at the top and bottom. In these designs only tempered glass can be used, the thickness of which is 3/8 – ½ . Moreover, such material underwent a special heat treatment – hardening. Thus, the internal stresses are evenly distributed in the glass, which significantly increases its mechanical strength. And this leads to an increase in the heat resistance of the glass profile.

Using glass partitions, you can create a transparent office, retaining all the functions of open spaces (Open Space), significantly reducing noise and increasing privacy.

The installation:

The installation of the glass partition varies in many aspects from hardware to chronology.

But the initial rule is to make sure that the surface doesn’t have any defects and level.  

Let’s review how frameless walls are being installed:

  • Install tracks: top and bottom

  • Put setting block, if needed

  • Slide in the glass: the top first and then bottom

  • Clip copolymer strip between the glass panels

  • Roll in rubber gaskets to secure the glass

To note, the door should prefabricate for the hardware to be used.

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