Sliding glass door SGL-200

Remarkably flexible and robust thermally insulated system for
Lift & Sliding and regular sliding doors

SGL-200 uses the same profiles for both kind of frames. It provides high thermal performance, robust constructions and is ideal for large openings. At the same time, it is distinguished by its delicate and modern design, notably thanks to its slim interlock profile and to its functional low theshold for Lift & Slide and sliding doors
  • Basic system depth 56 mm (2-13/64'').
  • Minimum visible interlock width of only 49 mm (2'') so as to maximize natural lighting.
  • Max. glass thickness up to 1'' and weight per sash up to 661 lbs.
  • Smooth and easy sliding thanks to inox rails and to the lifting sliding mechanism.
  • Vast range of typologies available.
  • Two sash profiles available for 45° assembling.
  • New low threshold for Lift & Slide and sliding doors.
  • Certified performance by the ift Rosenheim institute.