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Sliding Glass Door Wall System

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Sliding Glass Door Systems

Crystalia Glass sliding doors represent a compact sliding solution for frameless and framed glass panels, combining the most recent technology with an attractive minimalist design.

The system is quick and easy to install and is particularly appropriate for residential and commercial applications, where it integrates seamlessly into any design.Suitable for 3/8’’ thick glass panels, the top-hung sliding track conceals all of its sliding components within the track, producing a pleasing aesthetic appearance.
The anti-shock braking system provides an advanced and pleasing sliding action, whilst at the same time enhancing safety. The fingers are protected from getting caught on the closing cycle of the glass door, which itself is also protected from impact damage. Double soft brakes, providing both soft opening and soft closing can be installed on a frameless glass panel to a minimum width of 26 inches.

Sliding glass doors in CGS and CGF series are offered for both ceiling and wall-mounted applications. For wall-mounted installations, the system offers a unique feature: the distance between the wall and the glass panel can be adjusted between a minimal ½’’ to 1’’ depending on design requirements, thereby adding a useful versatility to the other benefits of the system.
Framed CGF family offers a perimeter frame for both fixed and sliding glass panels. With the framed options, you can transform the interior design of the space, creating an elegant, modern and minimalist look.

Amongst the above-mentioned advantages, the functionality of the systems is the most significant one. Crystalia sliding doors allow saving the space in smaller passageways, minimizing the noise and air permeability.