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Ergonomic and Elegant Sliding Glass Doors



Sliding glass doors represent a stylish and elegant solution for reviving the entrance openings inside the house. People who keep up with the times and are not terrified of bold experiments choose this practical and sleek design. Modern glass doors look immensely impressive and unusual in any manifestation and offer many options of various styles. Sliding designs are suitable for any interior, adding zest and originality to the living space.

The stylish interior should be thought out to every detail. Doors made of glass are an ergonomic option, as they do not occupy extra space in contrast to the swing models. A glass door is able to make the space wider and airier optically, and the door itself is very thin – up to several millimeters. The glass door can be of any color, starting with transparent glass and ending with darker glass kinds, which are practically opaque.


Presumably, many remember the bright glass door elements in the form of frescoes and other modest drawings from the entourage of the 90s. Modern technologies have produced a considerable advance from these primitive ideas providing an opportunity to turn a simple door into a work of art. Presently glass doors serve as a new object for design imagination and the embodiment of the most extravagant taste. Perhaps this is the option where you can choose the most daring solution without restrictions of color and pattern. Landscape, animalism, photo printing, and other motifs can be chosen to match any interior, and no other material will produce such a stunning effect as the picture on the glass.

Combination with other materials

The classical understanding of doors with glass forces us to remember wood doors with inserted glass elements of various configurations. The modern industry has stepped much further, so today glass can be presented in combination with plastic or metal, which delivers an incredible effect. The exquisite combination with other materials allows designers to come up with an incredible variety of alternative options.


Sometimes merely changing the conventional door for a glass one can add as a special highlight to your interior. The glass versions have no restrictions so you can put an elegant glass door in any doorway. As a material you can choose a single sheet of tempered glass, laminated glass or double-glazed units, the profile is most often made from aluminum. Sliding models look most impressive in the living room or bedroom.

• Interior Doors
The most standard option is the interior doors. They are distinguished by the graceful aesthetics of forms, excellent ergonomics, convenience, and harmony. They perfectly zone the space and visually increase the room.

• Bathroom doors
The glass door is suitable for almost any room, including bathrooms. The entrance to the bathroom is a special mystery of a house. The modern industry offers a choice of an incredible variety of marine and other thematic design solutions, among which you are certain to choose your own. Classic glass doors separating the shower area from the bathroom are equally worthy of attention and interest.

Single-leaf or double-leaf door?

Single-leaf doors are usually suitable for a modest apartment where the doorway is narrow. The second option is suitable for a vast living space. By the effect of visualization, they make the room even more spacious. Depending on your ideas, you can adjust the doorway to the desired size of the sliding door.

How to choose

As with any purchase, when choosing a door you should consider a few nuances. Tempered glass is characterized by special strength; the laminated pane will be accompanied by a protective film inside the door. Manufacturers additionally offer a combination of options that represent glass doors with protection on both sides. It is critical to choose the right door design in accordance with the doorway.

Options in the interior

If you believe that a simple glass door is banal, then you should definitely consider a few options. Modern sliding doors made of glass offer a broad selection of design developments that embody a variety of models. Our qualified team will assist you to make the right choice which will represent a perfect embodiment of the design you have in mind.