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Glass Partitions vs Drywall



Benefits, Cost, and Installation

In modern houses and office designs, using glass partitions and drywall is a common practice to create functional and aesthetically pleasing living and workspaces. Both options have their advantages and considerations, particularly when it comes to cost and installation. In this article, we will delve into the factors associated with glass partitions and drywall, including their respective costs and installation processes.


Let’s turn our attention to drywall partitions, a conventional choice for dividing office spaces. Drywall is a versatile material made of gypsum board, commonly used in construction due to its affordability and ease. Compared to glass partitions, drywall offers better sound insulation and can provide more privacy. And also, the use of this material looks like a cheaper solution – of course, only at first glance.

Installing drywall partitions can be difficult, especially for not experienced contractors. The process involves framing the desired area, attaching the drywall panels, taping the joints, and applying a finish. Also, it is crucial to ensure that electrical and plumbing considerations are addressed before installation, as modifications may be necessary.

Glass Partitions

On the other hand, Glass partitions have several advantages over drywall:

Glass wall panels are more customizable in terms of design, color, and texture.

Glass walls are also easier on the eyes and help create a brighter environment, making employees more productive.

Glass partitions have improved cognitive function by up to 50%.

Glass walls are much more durable than drywall partitions.

How much do glass partitions cost?

So how much does a glass partition cost, and is drywall really a cheaper choice?

If you weigh all the details, it becomes clear:

– glass partitions are more durable

– improve the performance and mood of people nearby

– and their installation can be even easier than dealing with uneven drywall panel seams

How to install glass partition

The installation of glass partitions is easy and quick.

The installation process is less time-consuming than drywall installation. The cost of glass partitions varies depending on the type of glass used.

Glass partitions are really easy to install. On our website, you will find video guides on installation:

We ship these partitions by delivery, and they are no more challenging to assemble than an Ikea table. Many people do it themselves with a screwdriver and a chair. So, some people’s fears of installing glass partitions in their homes on their own are in vain – it’s easier than you think.


In conclusion, various factors come into play when deciding between glass partitions and drywall for your office space.

Drywall partitions are usually more affordable.

Glass partitions, on the other hand, have a modern and visually appealing aesthetic and are more durable. The installation of glass partitions is also not a problem if you order this product from us and watch a simple video instruction on our website.

We recommended consulting with our professionals to assess your specific needs and obtain accurate cost estimates. Proper choice of partner is key to ensuring a functional and visually appealing living & workspace.