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The Best Kind of Office Glass Partitions



The main element in the manufacture of glass partitions is the profile. It serves as a base and a supporting frame to which the panels are attached. According to our study of consumer preferences, aluminum is the best material for the production of framed office partitions. This material combines lightness and strength and offers a number of design options.

Aluminum is more resistant to rust and corrosion than any other metal. It perfectly retains its structural properties for many years of operation. Aluminum is also quite easy to use in the production of office partitions. It does not need grinding, scraping, and putty. The technologies of anodizing, painting with powder dyes and vacuum thermal pressing used by our specialists allow mimicking the surface of any other material when processing the surface of office partitions made of aluminum. It can have wood, metal, plastic, brass or bronze finishes.

Numerous world manufacturers of office partitions recognize countless advantages of aluminum profiles. That is why aluminum is considered one of the best materials for the manufacture of partitions. Among the most important advantages of aluminum is the ability to design the partition to the smallest detail, which can be used for the manufacture of office partitions of any complexity. In addition, aluminum allows you to create a design of office partitions, which will be a worthy decoration of any office space.

The system of aluminum profiles has almost all the qualities that are valued and important for the buyer of both office and home partitions:

  • Increased profiles’ walls thickness;
  • Rigid structure;
  • Excellent level of heat and sound insulation;
  • Aluminum profiles are easy to install, use and care;
  • Modern look.

Such aluminum partitions will easily create a feeling of home comfort, and at the same time will greatly simplify the procedure of care for the partition. Unsurpassed quality of materials used for the production of aluminum profiles provides excellent durability of partitions. Elasticity and hardness guarantee a long service life.

Production and installation of Crystalia Glass aluminum office partitions are carried out in accordance with strict international requirements.

Our aluminum glass partition systems are functional, durable and lightweight. They have a great design, high sound, and heat insulation and meet environmental standards.

Light, translucent office systems are in great demand and popular in modern office design. In such systems, the main load-bearing elements are external walls or ceilings, and the interior space is divided into functional areas by aluminum partitions.

Internal office partitions are more mobile and functional. Consisting of lighter and cheaper materials, they are much more affordable and acceptable to use than conventional stationary walls.

Construction of office partitions may imply building of the doorway and installation of doors. Doors that are part of the office partitions can be of different configurations. The design of the doors can differ from the glass partition; use tinted, frosted or transparent glass. The color and size of the door profiles can be very diverse.

The cost of office partitions and the level of complexity of the design depends on the desired look. Crystalia Glass Company offers production of office partitions for all budgets.

In the production and installation of office partitions, our company uses only modern equipment and proven high-quality materials. A wide choice of materials for the production of office partitions allows us to create office partitions of any complexity, in any quantity and from the most different materials.