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Where to buy the glass partitions?



More than ever before the glass partitions have been trending as a solution for the residential and commercial industry, with immense potential to grow in the future.
The style and type of partition may vary per the clientele and structure.

Glass partition adds practicality to the space and doesn’t require to undergo any major building work or restructuring. Such glazing systems let in lots of natural light and serves as a energy saving unit.
When using glass to separate areas within an office, you retain the feeling of honest and open communication, showing others that you operate a transparent business.  Staff, clients and visitors will appreciate your subliminal ‘our door is always open’ message, putting your organization in a positive light from the moment people enter your office space.

The questions arise on how and where to buy the glass partitions?

You can select any glass company to do your project: from the least expensive to the most expensive.
Your selection might depend on the estimated budget or the expected outcome from the project. In return, the company might fail to meet your expectations. Since, the necessary research wasn’t fulfilled at first.

When you select the company to work with, make sure to research about the company and about their fulfilled projects. The quality of the system serves as the warranty of durability of the system and esthetical look of partition. It is important to entrust your project to the experienced and licensed company, who will implement your visualization into reality. Ask for their certificate and license. When you select the company, pay attention to the customers’ reviews and ask for referrals.

Often and on clients refer to us with the same issue and we would like to share it with you. 

The implemented project doesn’t meet expectations. 
You find a company online, glance through the beautiful renders, order the system, technicians come and install it at your place; but the quality or/and operation of the system is not what you expected to have. 

Absence of responsibility. 

Many companies out there work without any licenses, insurances, etc. In case of the issues with the system or hazardous situations the client bears all the responsibilities. 
One-day company. 
Of course, this is one of the expanded cases. Many folks obtain experience working in glass construction and try to work independently. They register a company, and unfortunately few of them succeed. Meanwhile, due to the one-day company concept, the client is left without any warranty. 

Additional expenses. 

You contact the company and after some time you notice that the system works improperly. When you contact the company representative, they request an additional charge for the tech to come out to the site – despite of the type of the issue. 
Now you need to make a choice whether to additional expense or cope with an improper working system. 

Unfortunately redoing the project won’t cost you less, it will require to start the process from the beginning and be quoted accordingly.

The above shown projects made the clientele to incur a loss due to the lack of research.

Price includes not only the system but outspoken quality, and continuous service. 

About Crystalia Glass LLC

Crystalia Glass was founded in 2015 and began developing and selling innovative glazing systems across US.  The company comply with USA regulations.

The main priority of our company is to provide the best prices without losing quality. We guarantee that you will receive high-quality products and timely installation.

We are always ready to answer all your questions and help in choosing high-quality systems for residential and commercial premises.