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The efficiency of movable walls in creating more office space



Reshaping the office space is a need that arises with time, though at some point, it will just pop up. Therefore, having offices with moveable glass walls would be an important modern improvement compared to fixed walls. Some of the reasons that would call for the changes include eliminating dormant spaces, creating more room for meetings, increasing the number of staff and projects with specific requirements. The flexibility of sliding or folding glass partitions could save on the cost of renting offices specifically for meetings, thus increasing productivity by utilizing all available space.

Instances when retractable glass walls could save the day 

Various occasions have different space requirements that range from small to large spaces. So, below are some occasions that call for the adjustments. Though most of them are temporary, the necessity dictates that such spaces need to be created from time to time.

An impromptu interview room

Interview rooms could be needed to hire more staff, but such spaces could sit dormant in cases where more staff is not needed. Movable walls can be used to create room in the reception area, and after which, they can be stacked to one side to create the ample space required at the reception, but always ready to be used again.

The need for large and small spaces interchangeably 

The constant need for large and small spaces from time to time can only be accommodated by movable walls without much hustle of building and demolition associated with fixed dry walls. At one point, the need for a large conference room to host an important meeting can be replaced by the very importance of medium-sized to small rooms for specific purposes for various teams and individuals, respectively.

Advantage of proximity 

Having the joy of working with colleagues in close proximity is far more fulfilling than individual cubicles with fixed walls. This reduces the need to initiate long chains of emails or rather waste time to move from one office to another to seek clarification. The art of nonverbal communication and a face to face interaction saves time, alleviates the mood, and in turn, increases the levels of productivity.

Creating a function room 

The need to create room to host a large number of clients or a get together with the sales team does not have to come with huge expenses. The cost of hiring a room or hotel for such functions can be slashed by just moving a few desks and a movable wall to create the much-required space. After which everything would go back to normal overnight and its business as usual.

With stackable glass walls, an office is no longer a stationary, inflexible box. It can be reconfigured, rearranged, and readjusted to meet the need at hand. This has been made possible because of the development of interior design, and manufacturers finding ways to meet the demands of growing modern market. Otherwise, with opaque fixed walls, office construction would be chaotic, time-consuming, and very costly. Modernity and functionality, therefore, calls for every business to embrace movable glass walls in their office spaces to enhance productivity by utilizing the profitable aspects of such walls.