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Luxurious Loft: Custom Steel & Glass Partitions



Steel partitions delimit the space for various purposes. The divider can have different designs and sizes. If necessary, the metal surface is painted in different colors, so that it fits seamlessly into the overall concept of the interior. For production, mainly anticorrosive metal is used.

Glass or other modern materials can infill the partition. With proper installation, steel partitions perform their functions for a long time without losing the original appearance.

A distinctive feature of such interior design solutions executed in loft style is the ability to create a single composition of any room, regardless of its direct purpose. The concept of style can combine both – high ceilings and huge windows. The modern high-tech abundance of metal and glass creates a unique, and at the same time, free atmosphere within the space.

What are the main advantages of a loft-style partition?

  • Excellent light transmittance.
  • Fire resistance.
  • Long period of operation.
  • Easy care.
  • Gorgeous appearance.

Simple lines and eye-catching minimalist details give this partition a timeless attractiveness, which will never go out of style. The natural robustness and durability of steel make it perfect for exterior and interior applications. The sleek appearance of the metal has been increasingly popular in modern office environments. Our custom steel partition allows owners to achieve high-end designs best suited to their individual needs and space.

Crystalia system is a most exclusive bespoke steel partition, providing internal spaces with a luxury divider between the rooms. The elegant steel frames create a range of internal glass doors and screens all with a modernistic art deco design and appearance, ideal for a high end and luxury finish.

Slender steel framing sections, having traditional industrial style, are combined to create practical room dividers. This internal glazing system is best suited for installation as internal partitioning with a modern industrial or loft style interior design.

Horizontal and vertical steel mullion bars are integrated into the construction as required for reaching the cross-hatched art deco look. Far from your typical internal glazing solution, Crystalia Glass custom steel partition complies with the highest standards of interior design and is suited for luxury residential and commercial architecture.

Our architectural metal works shop handcrafts each partition and the delicate metal profiles are expertly hand welded for an artisan design solution, perfectly tailored to each individual project.

For the industrial look, individual glazing bars and horizontal transoms can be custom integrated within the door or screen design to ensure that you get the design that you require.