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Glass partition walls and the Green Revolution



Glass partition walls are easy to install, flexible, and can accommodate the fluctuations of the staffing. They also look very attractive; this has made them the standard in the design of offices. Glass has also become very popular for its contribution to the green revolution.

Use of glass partition walls to save the planet

Universal glass partition walls are contributing to the movement towards friendly and greener office environments worldwide. The following are their advantages:

  • They have eliminated the need for dry walls

Drywall was greatly used in the post-war years, and it became a revolution in the past. Builders and developers have moved away from expensive and heavy construction with plaster and slat toward a more affordable and lighter future. The drywall still had some of its own disadvantages, such as the ability to be recycled. Glass, therefore, became a better alternative to dry walls as time passed by.

  • They have broken the cycle of primary resource waste

No matter what the drywall suppliers say about it now being recyclable, it is not entirely true. Some components of the dry wall cannot be recycled, such as gypsum. Only a small amount of dry wall can be refurbished, and the rest have to be demolished and discarded. On the other hand, glass partitions can be re-used in an absolutely different space, or easily recycled.

  • They help in saving energy

With glass partitions, businesses can use less energy for cooling and heating their offices. They reduce the amount of electric power that businesses use because they take up little space and allow natural light to penetrate through them. Drywalls would otherwise interfere with air circulation making the offices run furnaces for long periods to produce enough heat.

Saving on the electricity usage, glass partitions open up spaces and allow natural light to pass through them, therefore, reducing the need to use electric bulbs to light up the workplace. This goes a long way in reducing electricity bills.

  • They enable you to go wherever you want to go

With glass wall partitions, transferring from one place to another is easier than it would have been if dry walls were used instead. Glass partitions can easily be relocated from one office to another as they can be packed with the rest of the furniture. This helps in reducing waste production as you will not have to purchase new wall partitions – you can simply re-use your old ones.

  • They provide an environment that is healthier

According to statistics, it has been determined that when staff members work in an environment that nurtures and inspires them, they put more effort into their work, are more loyal to the company, and go home for fewer sick days. Fewer sick days, more loyalty, and hard work from your employees means that your company will be more productive and fewer resources will be required. This can be easier achieved with glass partitions. Even smaller office spaces feel vaster with glass walls which immensely benefits the rapport in the office.