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The Place of Modular Office Walls in the Future Workplace



The development and redevelopment of office spaces for nearly a century now saw Taylorism giving priority to the productivity of workers and their efficiency over anything else. The comfort of the employees and their happiness were not considered. Later on, confusion and chaos were brought in to workplaces with more ineffective designs. In the late 2000s and 2010, new trends in design led to the emergence of a collaborative workspace.

The Definition of Collaborative Workspace

It is a space in your organization or office meant to promote cooperation and collaboration between employees. These spaces are designed in consideration of floor space, minimizing the number of walls in the office.

The separation of desks and tearing down of walls provide a wide area for a casual conversation. This increase in the portability of technology is what has contributed to the shift of designs. Workers can easily access their work in any place in the office. To easily and quickly create collaborative space, smaller office furniture has been developed. The workplace is, therefore, friendly and welcoming.

Problems with Collaborative Work Space

The collaborative workspace is not compatible with all types of industries. As much as it is ideal for technological companies dealing with a wide range of problems, other industries do not require it and prefer enclosed spaces. 

The first problem faced is privacy. Most employees prefer privacy and the sense of having their own personal space in the office.

The second problem is the lack of confidentiality. If your business happens to be a law firm or a medical laboratory, then client confidentiality is crucial. Consultations, meetings, and procedures have to be done in an enclosed space. And this exactly where glass partitions come to the rescue.

Glass Office Walls Enduring Importance

Industries, where skills are easily transferable, are the most suited for the nature of an open, collaborative workspace, which is free-flowing. Employers have the ability to move between projects easily, and therefore an environment that allows the collaboration and communication between fellow network engineers and programmers is very crucial. In businesses such as the office of a doctor, the level of collaboration needed is low because the skills needed in different positions are non-transferable. Information should not be leaked, and it is therefore important these office spaces enable as much privacy as they can. 

For these reasons, office glass partitions play an important role now as they did decades ago. There are clear glass office partitions that give a clear view of the entire workspace while still providing the necessary boundaries appropriately between departments and different sections. Having glass partitions that are clear, reduces the confusion that a client may experience when they visit businesses with functions that are usually not overlapping. It also provides the business with an open concept with order still maintained. There is a wide range of choices to enable you to design your workspace with a perfectly balanced partial openness and privacy with a consistent aesthetic maintained in the entire area of the office.