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Glass Partitions

Crystalia interior partition systems present a balanced approach to creating inspiring interiors. Glass partitions and walls create elegant and clean sightlines that are unmatched by other materials.

Glass Partitions

Glass walls come in many forms but one cannot deny that they are always sophisticated and modern. The fashion of “wood boxes” is long gone, and now people are leaning towards open spaces creating the feeling of transparency and open-mindedness. So many advantages come with the installation of the glass partition walls:


– Visual expansion of space and a feeling of lightness and vastness

Residents of New York or any other large city are very familiar with tiny apartments that can hugely benefit from the installation of the glass wall. The options here are unlimited – it can be a full-height wall, a combination of a pony wall with the glass on top, a partial room divider or a full wall with a door.


– 100% safe, made from tempered or laminated glass

Many perceive glass as an extremely fragile material but it does not yield strength to conventional walls. Crystalia Glass uses only tempered or laminated safety glass which is also eco-friendly.


– Sound insulation with full visual transparency

One of the most popular questions about the glass partitions pertains to their soundproofing properties. We can assure you that glass walls have the same sound insulation level as regular sheetrock walls, which is about 20-30 decibels.


– Space zoning with minimal costs

Construction does not have to be stressful and expensive. The majority of the partition walls can be installed within 1-2 days that in comparison to the traditional construction is pretty impressive. Moreover, the cost of the glass is much more attractive.


– Increase in the amount of natural light

Light and airy atmosphere is easily achievable with Crystalia Glass partitions. Let the sunlight in and save on the energy costs!