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Everything You Need to Know about Glass Shower Enclosures



Shower Glass Door

Glass doors are always a spectacular element of the interior. Such structures are often installed in bathrooms and shower stalls. Bathroom is an environment of high humidity, that is why you need to choose a product that meets the requirements of safety and aesthetics. Read on to know more about the features and types of shower glass enclosures.

Glass doors for a bathtub: types and characteristics

Bathroom doors are often opaque, which provides comfort to bathers. Transparent glass doors can be no less beautiful and comfortable if chosen with the consideration of all the main peculiarities of the room. There are different models of bathroom glass doors that differ in appearance, direction of movement and characteristics of the material.

Shower Glass Door

Shower glass door is a modern and practical solution for a comfortable bathroom. The door can be swinging or sliding. The first option is the most common and easy to use because of a simple opening mechanism. Sliding variations are present in the shower stalls, and the glass pane is moving along the tracks.

The advantages of glass shower doors are expressed in the following:

  • stylish and beautiful element of the bathroom interior;
  • high light transmission capacity;
  • easy operation;
  • wide selection of different sizes and design options.

Regardless of the design you choose, glass doors require careful operation. Strong impacts can damage the structure, and to avoid the breakage only tempered or annealed glass should be used.

Bathtub Partition

Bathtub partitions are often presented in the form of curtains that separate the bathtub from the rest of the room and prevent water from getting on the floor. Such partitions can also be made of glass and attached to the ceiling, wall, and edge of the bathtub. Partitions can be sliding, swinging or fixed.

The advantages of such partitions in comparison with textile or plastic options for the bathroom are:

  • large selection of design options;
  • durability and prevention of splashes on the floor;
  • easymaintenance;
  • different forms of partitions.

If you wish to renovate your bathroom, you should consider how glass shower or bathtub door could enhance the interior of the room.

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